Lower school tests

Several of you have asked what you need to know for the lower school tests.

You will need to know all of the areas of study from your year and the years below yours

Year 7

  • pH and acids and alkalis
  • Reactions of acids
  • Burning fuels and the fire triangle
  • Separating mixtures

Year 8

  • All of year 7 plus
  • Atoms elements and compounds
  • The structure of the earth
  • Energy transfers through solids liquids and gases (Convection, conduction and radiation)

Year 9

  • All of year 7 & 8 plus
  • Reactions of metals
  • Reactions of metal compounds
  • Structure of the atmosphere
  • Greenhouse gases and the effect on global warming
  • Reactivity series of metals

I will keep updating this page with revision notes for you, but should give you plenty of food for thought to start with.