Biggest chemistry experiment ever…

Tonight, the BBC’s flagship magazine programme, The One Show, plans to include a special feature on the world’s biggest chemistry experiment, organised in the UK by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The Global Chemistry Experiment, entitled “Water: A chemical solution”, asks primary and secondary school pupils to carry out experiments on water quality (testing its salinity and acidity, learning how to filter and distil it) so that children of all ages learn to appreciate the need to treat this vital resource. Once the tests have been completed, the children will be able to enter the results onto an interactive map on a specially created website.

Pupils from St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School in Stevenage were lucky enough to be models for The One Show. They explain to reporter Lucy Siegle the importance of taking part in the largest chemistry experiment ever undertaken.

A digest of tonight’s show, at 7pm on BBC 1, can be read here.