On this day…

A year ago today the BBC published some great images of liquids, which showed the way that they moved and interacted.

Also on this day in history …

20 years ago the world lost Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of rock band “Queen” who died of bronchio-pneumonia, brought on by Aids. The 24th of November 2005 was also the day that pubs were allowed to open for 24 hours a day.

On the 24th November 1859 Charles Darwin published one of the most important scientific works ever. “On the origin of the species” was the first publication to suggest the theory of evolution. Darwin’s work explained that all life has evolved to what it is at the present, he also suggested that this is not the end product of life and that we are still evolving. Darwin did manage to avoid suggesting that humans had evolved over the years except for a brief mention in the final chapter. This suggestion would not have gone down well with the religious ideas at the time.

Darwin’s theory has not been without controversy, however many religious thinkers stated in the early 20th century that it still fits in with Christian teachings and in 1950 the Vatican issued a response stating that evolution was not inconsistent with the teaching of the catholic church.

The theory of evolution has survived for more than 150 years and is still as important as Newton’s laws of motion, John Dalton’s ideas of elements or Einsteins theory of relativity.