Revision techniques…

Revision methods are unique to you, some work, some don’t! I came across this post and was very impressed by it! Blogging your revision could be a very powerful technique and well worth a try!


So, as i find it really hard to just get on and start my revision, I decided i would revise through a blog that would hopefully help some other people as well? Who knows? Well here we go, the first thing we need to know all about is Alkanes…I suppose i should start this under a separate sub heading? Yes …ok.

Before you start looking into Alkanes there are some vital things you need to make sure that you know, although you probably already know them. These are the good old definitions of a) what a hydrocarbon is and b) what a saturated organic compound is.

Well its in the name basically, Hydro+Carbon, yes hydrocarbons are compounds which only contain carbon and hydrogen

Not exactly what it says on the tin this time but they are simply compounds that contain only single bonds between carbon atoms

So if we add…

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