GCSE Revision

There are several key areas to revise for the AQA GCSE Chemistry, and whilst it is a new specification it is worth looking at the past papers for the old Chemistry B specification as these are similar to the papers you will be sitting next Friday. You can find all of them on the Chemstuff GCSE page.

Dot and Cross diagram of a Calcium Atom

The area that is not included, in so much detail, in the previous specification are dot and cross diagrams.

Tips for dot and cross diagram…

  1. Know how to use your periodic table.
    1. Which number tells you the number of electrons?
    2. How many shells are there?
    3. How can I find the number of electrons in the outermost shell?
  2. Where to put electrons in each shell

    Only put electrons in four points (and in order) North, South, East & West (by doing this you lower the risk of putting the wrong number of electrons in a shell as it is much easier to spot your mistakes)

    1. Start by putting the first four electrons on their own in each shell (in the positions north, south, east and west)
    2. Then pair them up.
    3. Once the shell is full (2 electrons in the first shell, 8 in the second, 8 in the third and 2 in the fourth) move on to the next shell

For more information try visiting the BBC Bitesize section on dot and cross diagrams

Or try spotting the mistakes in the test below, if you would like feedback please fill in the form below and I will mark and return your answers.