Science week: Monday


We’re very excited at the Purcell School as we are running an action packed science week, with a very wide array of activities, events and even all the other academic lessons being science themed to celebrate.

Today saw the activities commence with a science themed assembly – A talk focussing on the links between scientific skills and music; with a quick detour towards Joseph Priestley and phlogiston encouraging pupils to think about the science in their lives today.

During the day I managed to wander the corridors and was delighted to hear a huge amount of science being discussed as part of a number of other academic lessons. Passing by an English classroom of year 9’s I stopped to listen to their work on alchemists and the metamorphosis of base materials into gold and the creation of the philosophers stone.

Mr Ingram and Mr Lehane have been busy all day looking at sports science and started their lessons today with the bleep test and heart rates. I joined in for a couple and was thoroughly run off my feet by a number of youngsters – very impressed with one year 7 and one year 9 who even beat me! I think they are going to be extending the science through the week with discussions of VO2Max and other sports science ideas

The juniors spent today looking at engineering in their morning lessons and learnt how to build structures by using spaghetti and marshmallows. The spaghetti houses needed to support a lego man as high as possible. Many managed to break the 50cm mark and some were seriously impressive!

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Art joined in the fun in the afternoon with their activity. The lower school have been studying Jewellery this term and as part of their final project they produced a copper version. With the wonders of science this was ‘turned into gold!’ (well – not really!) by alloying the copper with zinc, a golden coloured brass is formed. Mixing art and chemistry was quite a highlight of today and all the pupils made some fantastic items.

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Tomorrow brings another busy day. Science week tutorials, more science in lessons and in the evening the Physics of a Piano talk with Richard Norwood founder of Richard Lawson Pianos followed by Composer Carol J Jones discussing science compositions and improvisations from physics. It’s also Π day (March 14th) So expect some Pie related delights in the kitchen.