CIE IGCSE Science (Chemistry)

GCSE taken from 2017

This is the new CIE IGCSE exam.

Section 1:
Fundamental ideas

  • Structure of the atom
  • Arrangement of electrons in shells
  • Formation of ions
  • Ionic bonding
  • Covalent bonding
  • Metallic bonding
  • properties of bonding

Section 2:
Chemical reactions

  • Chemical reaction or Physical change
  • Symbol equations
  • Exo and endothermic reactions
  • Rates of reactions
  • Changing the rate of reaction

341259_Bio-02-17-pH_Scale.pngSection 3:
Acids and Alkalis

  • Reactions of acids
    • With bases
    • With metals
    • With carbonates
  • Preparation of salts
  • Predicting salts

Section 4:
The periodic table

  • Properties of metals
  • Alloys
  • Transition metals
  • Extraction of metals using carbon
  • Group I
  • Reactivity series
  • Group VII

wet-chemistry-labSection 5:
Analytical chemistry

  • Identification of unknown gases
  • Identification of unknown ions
  • Identification of unknown substances

Section 6:
Organic Chemistry

  • Sources, separation and names
  • Products from fuels
  • Functional groups
    • Alkanes
    • Alkenes
    • Alcohols
  • Cracking

GCSE Past Papers

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Legacy Past Papers

As the new specification only has a very limited number of sample papers, you can use the old AQA science B papers to prepare for your exam. Below you will find all the available papers and their marks schemes please feel free to download and use as many as you need.

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