Year 10 4th Feb 2016

Crude oil

Crude oil is a very important substance made up of a mixture of hydrocarbons, these are molecules which contain Hydrogen and Carbon bonded together.

Because carbon must contain four bonds it can form long chains of almost any length. Each hydrogen will form only one bond with a Carbon.

Each hydrocarbon is named according to the number of carbons in the chain. Hydrocarbons with only single bonds and simple chains of carbon atoms are called alkanes.

Your task for the lesson:

  1. Complete the sheet naming the various alkanes. DO NOT USE THE INTERNET FOR THIS TASK!
  2. Find out how crude oil is formed. Create a single side of A4 either on the computer or using paper with a detailed explanation including diagrams explaining how crude oil is formed.
  3. Use this quizlet to test your knowledge of the names of alkanes.