Course Content (2012 specification)

The Periodic Table

  • Evolution of the periodic table
  • The modern periodic table
  • Group I the alkali metals
  • Transition elements
  • Group VII – the halogens


  • Hard water
  • Removing hardness
  • Water treatment
  • Water & health

Energy Calculations

  • Energy of fuels
  • Energy transfers in solutions
  • Energy level diagrams
  • Calculations using bond energies
  • Future fuels

Analytical & Synthetic Chemistry

  • Tests for ions
  • Titrations
  • DNA analysis
  • Equilibria & Le Chatelier’s principal
  • The Haber Process – industrial chemistry economics

Organic Chemistry

  • Introduction to organic chemistry
  • Functional groups – Alcohols, carboxylic acids & esters
  • Organic issues – alcoholism, biofuels

As this is a relatively new specification there are currently very few past papers available, below are the past papers from the previous specification which is similar.

C3 Past Papers

Past Papers (Old specification)

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