Lewis Project

I would like you to research the great scientist GN Lewis. Lewis was responsible for many great discoveries not least of which was the usage of the lewis structure which even though first used in 1916 are still used today!

His discoveries are numerous and were hugely important for both the scientific, chemical and educational community yet he was never awarded a Nobel prize. Why?

What you are going to do…

I would like to know about this great scientist, and why he was never awarded a major prize from Sweden.

You should prepare text for an article in word docx format. Do not spend time changing the format of the text as a newspaper or journal editor will take the text and make it fit their own templates. Please include any titles or headings that you may wish to use, formatted using the correct styles in word.

The article needs to be exactly 1,829 characters in length. Marks will be lost for any deviation from this.

You should email your word document to me and you may attach any images that you would like to be included.