Your task is to produce a piece of extended written information (otherwise known as a report) giving information about an Element which you will be given.

You should explain what the element is, where it comes from, its typical chemical behaviour and what it is used for.

You will be marked on:

  1. Presentation (how pretty it is!)
  2. Readability (could this be understood by a normal human being or has this just been copied from a complex Wikipedia article!)
  3. How much information is in the article

Have you explained where your element comes from
What it is used for
Any interesting features
Typical reactions with water, acids or oxygen.

I would like you to produce this using Word or (if you really have to) publisher.

If you have trouble getting started try looking up the periodic table of elements in the back of your diary! This will be very useful from now on for all chemistry lessons!

After that, have a look at:

Royal Society of Chemistry periodic table

Or the periodic videos website from Nottingham university if you have a pair of headphones!