• To learn that rocks change over long periods of time, by being broken down, heated, squashed (or a mixture of all three!)
  • To find out about three different types of rocks (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic) and learn that rocks can change from one to the other.
  • To gather information from a variety of sources to help produce a piece of writing about a rock and how it has changed through time.

difficult-rock-identificationYour task

Look at a rock, research and write an article about what has happened to it. How has it changed over time, how long has this process taken?

What I’m looking for in your work

  • Use Microsoft word. Font: calibri Size: 11
  • Any titles or headings should be formatted using the Word styles ONLY.
  • Images may be used anywhere.
  • Clear research using at least one source – it must not be copied and pasted or written out directly.
  • A piece of writing that describes “the life” of a piece of rock, how it was formed and how it has changed.


Once you have completed all of the above

You could talk about the events that the rock has witnessed, how it arrived at its location or any features that it has.

Submit your work via email to me from your school email account by 9am Monday.