Science museum trip…

Here are all the details for the science & natural history museum trip

In case of emergency contact Mr Banks by ringing the school office 01923 331100 or meet at the meeting area – the deli café

Questions to complete whilst you are at the museum.

  1. Describe the models of the dinosaurs
    1. Are they made of real dinosaur bones?
    2. How are the fossils formed?
    3. Where do we find these fossils, in what types of rocks do fossils form best? Why?
  2. Find an example of each type of rock, describe the features that you can see
    1. Look at the crystal sizes, what does this tell you about the rocks?
    2. Are there any special features in the rocks?
    3. How are they formed? How can you tell?
  3. Use the museum to describe how each geological phenomenon takes place
    1. Volcanoes
    2. Earthquakes
  4. Mountain formation
  5. What is the oldest fossil that you can find?
  6. What are minerals?
    1. What do they contain?
    2. What colours are they?
    3. Where do these colours come from
  7. What is the largest living thing that you can find?
  8. Describe how the earth was formed

Homework from the visit

write a report in any style you like detailing

  1. What you did
  2. What you learnt
  3. What you enjoyed

Due in Thursday