Analytical Chemistry

Much of chemistry relies upon finding out what compound you have in your sample and how pure that sample is. Chemists use a variety of methods to find out what their new substance contains.

Wet tests

Wet tests are chemical tests to determine your compounds contents. These are usually chemical reactions that give a clear visible sign to show that there is a specific species present.

The wet tests we will look at are for:

Spectroscopic tests

(sometimes called dry tests) involve using instruments to measure certain properties of compounds from the absorbance of radiation & the emission spectra when heated to the paramagnetic properties or the speed at which it passes through a column or chromatogram

Common spectroscopic techniques are:

  • NMR Spectroscopy
  • Infra-Red Spectra
  • UV-vis spectra
  • Mass Spectra
  • EPR spectra

Watch this space. Pages on these spectroscopic techniques will appear over the next few weeks!