Environmental Disaster Project


You are to produce a project looking into recent disasters that have affected the environment; you should look at whom it affected, how it affected them and what the long-term damage was to the area, the local environment and the plant and animal life surrounding. You should also comment on anything that could have prevented the accident.

You will be marked on:

  • Your understanding of the incident
  • Your explanations of the experiences gained from the incident which could be applied to future man made developments
  • Your use of sources
  • Your layout and presentation (avoid word art and comic sans!)

You should include:


  • A brief explanation of the historical background to the accident

What I have found

  • Explanations of the event itself and its effects on the environment


  • What we (humans) have learnt from the accident


  • What have we changed to ensure that this will not happen again?
    This is the most important section!
  • Is this knowledge proving to be useful or are we forgetting what we should have learnt from these accidents?


  • A list of sources that you used to find your information, Books, websites (state the full URL, & the date you accessed it), newspapers


  • Final deadline: 23:59 GMT Friday 3rd November 2017
    Emailed to Mr Banks as a .docx word document AND a .pdf document (If you are unsure of how to create either of these documents, please ask in advance!)
    Failure to meet the deadlines will result in severe consequences… detentions and low grade markings as well as a lowering of my respect for you – you have been warned!

Possible project titles

  • Chernobyl
  • Three Mile Island
  • Windscale Fire
  • Fukushima
  • Deepwater Horizon
  • Torrey Canyon
  • Exxon Valdeez
  • Piper Alpha
  • Amoco Cadiz
  • Bhopal
  • CFC’s and the Ozone Layer
  • Ok Tedi environmental disaster
  • War

Handy hints and tips

Plan your report!

Firstly find out the background info on your event, try using Wikipedia briefly. The first paragraph will usually be enough to cover most of the basics (when, where, what happened etc)

Jot some of the points down before you even think about writing up. Perhaps use the headings from above to think about the structure.


Your report must be presented professionally, I recommend using the standard word styles (especially Calibri size 11). Images must be aligned sensibly with text wrapped around the sides if appropriate.

Think about where you will put your name.

Good sources

Highly recommended is the use of news outlets. The BBC have an “on this day” page with news from the last 50 years which is well worth using if possible. you could also try searching the archives of news broadcasters and publishers.

Ask people about it!!!!!!!! These are fairly famous events, your parents might know a little about them if you are completely stuck!

Nuclear accidents
With the current nuclear problems in Japan there are plenty of articles out there explaining brilliantly what is going on, try the new scientist or this Times Article from Sunday.

Some of these accidents may have had benefits or interesting effects following the actual event, for example if all the planes were grounded was there a benefit?

Oil Spills
Besides the actual environmental mess was there an economic impact? How did it affect the world as a whole?

Most importantly, make sure it is understandable!