British Science Week 2017

bsw17rgbhi_bblue-920x591Science week is taking place at the Purcell school from the 13th – 17th March 2017. As part of this there will be a huge array of science related events happening, in lessons, workshops, lectures, recitals and even in the school canteen!

What’s happening?

Many lessons will be inspired by science and discoveries.

Activities through the week




  • House assemblies inspired by science
  • Tweets of the day
  • Poster competition


  • Science week tutorials
  • Physio in practise for years 6-9
    • Our physio Sarah Upjohn will visit practise sessions through the day to describe some of the techniques she has developed so that students can use to prevent injuries by using knowledge of their bodies.
  • Kitchen chemistry demonstration
    • Edible chemistry demonstration!
  • Sixth form piano class science takeover
    • Psychology & Physiology and music with Dr Carine Lewis and School Physio, Sarah Upjohn.
  • Science in sport


  • Music and science
    The World famous Mike Poyser Tuba player and Physicist visits the school to give students a taster of the links between music and science
    Find out more here!
  • Science of an orchestra
    As part of the preparation for the School’s Symphony Orchestra concert at the Cadogan Hall in London.


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