The physics of a piano

In Tuesday’s Piano Class piano dealer, Richard Norwood will be disassembling a piano and looking at a model of the action of a grand piano. The aim is to look at how the pianist can use the understanding of the engineering of a piano to improve their performance.

The session will focus on the evolution of the piano and how changes in technology and materials have changed the sound. Beyond that students will look at how the sound is produced and how the action works as well as the changes that a technician can make to the sound and touch.

DSCN5920Richard Norwood the founder of Richard Lawson Pianos will be visiting the Purcell school to look at the science behind the piano. He has been playing piano from the age of 5 and started teaching piano in 1988.

In 2003 he founded Richard Lawson Pianos and has this has grown ever since to become one of the largest specialist piano retailers in the South of England.