Functional groups

There are many different functional groups in A-Level Chemistry and remembering them can be difficult so it is worth spending some time going through.

You need to start by learning how to Name Organic Compounds.

Knowing how to identify your functional groups is very important. there are several key ones required for your A-Level

The table below will give you all the info you need to help recognise these functional groups, there will be more added in time and some links to pages with more info and reactions of functional groups.
Functional groups in Organic Chemistry
Functional Group Displayed Structure Formula naming
Alkane CnH2n+2 -ane
Alkenes CnH2n -ene
Alcohols RC-OH -ol
Aldehydes RCOH -al
Ketones RCOR -one
Carboxylic Acids RCOOH -oic acid
Esters RCOOCR alkyl- -oate
Halogenoalkanes C-X χ-fluoro,