Simple Chemical Reactions

There are three different chemical reactions that you need to know

  • Acid + Base (alkali) –> Salt + Water
  • Acid + Metal –> Salt + Hydrogen
  • Acid + Carbonate –> Salt + Carbon dioxide + Water

You also need to be able to predict the name of the salt, this is much easier than it sounds!

Salts are made from a metal and part of an acid. for example, sodium chloride contains the metal sodium and the chloride comes from hydrochloric acid. so all you need to be able to remember is the names that acids give to their salts

Acid Name it gives to a salt
Hydrochloric Acid -chloride
Sulphuric Acid -sulphate
Nitric Acid -nitrate
Phosphoric Acid -phosphate
Ethanoic Acid -ethanoate
Citric Acid -citrate

For formulae of anions click here